January 2021

I am available from January 4 for students who want to either revise material to date or start on new material for the coming year.

Additionally I welcome students who want some enrichment using competition-type problems. 

April 2021

Now Term 1 is over there is time to reflect on how busy it was with many Year 12 students attending. Some of them were able to achieve first place in Extension 2, Extension 1 or Advanced Maths while others gained second place. The results for the remainder were a mixture with some students happy and others realising they have more work to do.

I have been able to assist university students undertaking courses in discrete mathematics, engineering mathematics, statistics and land surveying calculations.

The ability to offer online tutoring has benefited students with distance or time constraints. Occasionally students who normally attend in person have not be able to do so due to illness but they have opted to take their session online and therefore maintain continuity.

Term 2 looks that it will be just as busy, especially for Year 12 students as they aim to complete most of the curriculum.