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Continuing students

The fee for a 1-hour weekly session is $500 per 10-week school term with pro-rata adjustment for students enrolled for part of a term. Payment can be as a lump sum or by instalments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

Tuition during school holidays is available at $50 per hour.

The fee for university students attending for the major part of a semester is $50 per hour.

Please note that the fee is per term and therefore not dependent upon the number of sessions actually attended. When a student knows they will be absent and provides sufficient notification I am happy to try to arrange a replacement. However given that I usually run at or close to capacity that may not always be possible. 

Short term tuition

The fee for students requiring short term tuition (ie not a full term) is $55 per hour.

Payment options


Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank deposit. Bank account details will be supplied on request.

Cancelled sessions


In all situations where the hourly rate applies the fee is payable in any instance where a booked session is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

The fee for continuing students is per term and therefore not dependent upon whether the student attends their session each week.

When a student makes a booking they are reserving the session for their exclusive use, thus preventing other students using the time. If the student cannot attend a session for any reason invariably that session remains unused, either because of short notice or the time doesn’t suit students on my waiting list. That is the reason the fee is payable for unattended sessions. As part compensation students can be confident that fees do not increase.


Fee stability

Fees remain fixed for the duration of tuition, even if that is for a number of years..


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